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Build your brand with product reviews

Right from the start, we figured out that product reviews are super important. All headphones sound good, but how do you explain whether it’s a good headphone for rock versus a good headphone for jazz? That’s when product reviews start to pay off.


I found that collecting reviews is the best way to build trust among customers and help them make more informed decisions. They can go through the reviews to see what other customers are thinking about the products and choose the most suitable ones.

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The easiest app installation ever, with just perfect 24/7 customer support. Ridiculously good!! We did a long product comparison between 8 or 9 different review platforms and apps and throughout shone out not just for the value but the lack of functionality paywalls. If you subscribe to their ONE subscription plan (the one that isn't limited by the number of orders, or invites or requests you send), you get everything they have got, which is an ace way of doing business, little known in these days of value-adding subscription steps. The installation went really smoothly but not without a couple of small (learning curve) bumps. As the minute we hit the install button and started switching things on, we had a member of the support team immediately reach out to us to help with the deployment (TOP MARKS to Cesar and Louis in their support team). All theme modifications were deployed for us, with the understanding that the team would move around anything we didn't like. We have mostly down to our own fault needed live chat support a couple of times since the installation and every single time the fix has been delivered before I even expected the first response. The functionality is great both for product reviews and shop reviews, plugging both into Google Ads and Structured data SERPs on autopilot. The only piece missing is Google Seller Ratings, but here's hoping Google finally gets around to certifying for that as well. The level of customisation within the review widgets, emails, customer photo and video social proof, customer Q&A (yes this gives you pretty much equivalent review and Q/A functionality as Amazon displays) is beyond belief and not just at the UX side, but all the way through to behaviour and workflow. Really chuffed we found these guys and looking forward to growing quickly with their help.

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Alix Curtis

Smooth installation with the help of customer support

Highly customized features: review widget, emails, photo & video reviews, Q&A

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This is my favorite app! The free plan has greatly designed features for small businesses that don't have the budget for paid apps. My customers always get sent an email prompting them to review the product they purchased and they can do it easily! (at least I haven't heard of any issues from them). You also get an email when someone leaves a review and you can reply directly to the customer thanking them for taking the time to leave their feedback. This makes the social proof/encouragement aspect of a website totally streamlined and I would highly recommend it!

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Nadine Simec

Well-designed features

Easy for customers to submit reviews by sending emails

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Great app! Very affordable and really great customer service available by chat or email with super-fast response times. The widgets look great and provide social proof! Great for SEO, too.

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James Wyatt


Superfast customer service via chat and email

Great for SEO


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